Analyze Shared Projects

Projects shared with you are listed below. Select a project to analyze. Click "show" to expand the project and select individual gene sets. Click on one of the tools buttons below to analyze gene sets. Shared projects are read-only, only the person sharing with you can modify the Project. To make modifications, simply copy the Project to your own Projects first.

Analysis Tools

HiSim Graph
Biclique-based analysis is used to generate hierarchical maps of gene set interactions

GeneSet Graph
Visualize the Gene-GeneSet graph.

Jaccard Overlap
This tool computes the Jaccard Coefficient (a measure of similarity) for multiple genesets.

GeneSet Clustering
Jaccard Distance (a measure of dissimilarity) is used to cluster GeneSets

ABBA Gene-Centered Search
Find Genes most closely associated with your gene(s) of interest

Boolean Algebra
Use advanced set logic to integrate multiple GeneSets

Combine GeneSets
Advanced tool to combine multiple GeneSets into a single association matrix

Project Utilities

You do not have any shared projects. The easiest way to get some is to join a group and have a colleague share their projects with you.