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ODE GeneSets are annotated with structured and unstructured data. Enter a descriptive title for your gene set, a short abbreviation to be displayed in figures, tables or graphs. The Gene Set description is most helpful if it contains information about the criteria for GeneSet membership, including a summary of the experiment or query performed to generate the gene set. Specify whether this data should be made available to all users, specific groups to which you belong, or kept private. Information about your input file is entered next. Choose a species, gene id type, statistical metric, and a threshold criteria for discrete data analyses. You can then paste in or upload a gene list file (see example). If your gene set is published, please enter the PubMed ID to auto-populate the reference form, or enter the information manually. Use the Ontology Browser at the bottom of the page to select biological process, disease, anatomy or other terms that can be used to annotate your gene set.

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Please enter some descriptive info about this GeneSet. In order to ensure rapid acceptance by our curation team or, in the case of private data, maximum integration into the existing GeneWeaver dataset, please confirm that your GeneSet Metadata meets the guidlines outlined in our Curation Standards

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If this experiment has been published and listed in PubMed, just enter the Pubmed ID below to automatically fill in the publication info, otherwise you may manually enter publication information. Providing this will allow others to discover and use your data more quickly, provide a means to link here directly from PubMed, and streamline our curation efforts.

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