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Enter your query below, then click search. You can search for anything related to GeneSets, including descriptions of biological processes or diseases annotated to the gene set (e.g. glutamate, memory), GeneSet ID (e.g. "26305" or "GS26305"), and gene symbols (e.g. Grin2b). Use the different fields to limit your search. Search "GeneSets" to limit your query to user-entered information, such as a GeneSet's title or description. Search "Genes" to include gene names. Search "Abstracts" to include specific publication information, such as article titles, abstracts, or authors. Finally, use "Ontologies" to only search within ontology terms associated with GeneSets.

Use '*' as a wildcard character at the end of search terms. For example, if you want to find genesets containing any of the DRD family of genes, you could search for "DRD*". The search would return genesets containing DRD1, DRD2, and so on.

In addition, Boolean expressions are allowed. Group terms with parentheses; use "OR" to search for either of two terms (or groups of terms); and put a minus sign in front of terms you want to exclude.
Ex: (cocaine OR alcohol) AND addiction -liver

You can filter your search results by curation tier (I through V), species, and attribution (e.g. NIF or CTD). You can also exclude provisional or deprecated GeneSets from your search, and if you're a member of a private group, you can limit your search to GeneSets owned by that group. Use the tabs on the left to further refine your search filters. For instance, you may want to limit your search to only mice NIF GeneSets in Tier I (Public Resources) but to mice and human GeneSets for the other tiers.

In the list of search results, select GeneSets using the check boxes, and then add them to a project using the "Add Selected to Project" pull down menu. You can also create a project using this menu. View more information about a GeneSet by clicking on the blue plus next to its check box. To view a GeneSet in detail, click on its title (shown in green). If a GeneSet is marked as deprecated, you can click on the "deprecated" link next to its title to view GeneSets that replace it.

Finally, to run GeneWeaver tools on selected search results without creating a new project, click on a specific tool within the "Analyze" pull down menu.

    Analysis Tools

    Biclique-based analysis is used to generate hierarchical maps of gene set interactions

    Visualize the Gene-GeneSet graph.

    This tool computes the Jaccard Coefficient (a measure of similarity) for multiple genesets.

    Jaccard Distance (a measure of dissimilarity) is used to cluster GeneSets

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